Beyond Compassion Ebook


Product Description


Your heart holds the vibration of the Soul. The vibration is transmitted through emotion. It is no coincidence that the human heart is what keeps the body vibrant, and that it has become the expression for love and pain…

 “… Sometimes my heart feels too small … my heart is shattered … it is broken and in need of repair…”

 Loss provides an avenue to access the vibration of pain and transmute it to joy and bliss. This story was inspired by Cathryn’s personal loss of her pet, which became the dress rehearsal for the loss of her mother six months later. Much to her surprise Cathryn found that by combining her mastery on the inner child with Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques she was able to pre-grieve these losses and hold the vibration of compassion in her heart prior to, during, and after these transitions of her loved ones to the other side.

My heart was indeed altered! ”

 Beyond Compassion inspires readers to do the same. It contains her heartfelt story and 30 pages of hands-on exercises.