EFT for Your Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul

Interactive Tapping for Healing


From the wounds of your childhood to the tasks of your soul – through addictions, compulsions and negative beliefs systems Cathryn Taylor, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Addictions Counselor, Certified EFT Practitioner and Akashic Records Consultant maps the course for you to heal.

Learn how to: Empower your Adult Self; Build a relationship with your Inner Child; Establish a partnership with your Higher Power, Communicate with your Body; Eliminate the Distraction from your Law of Attraction!

This FREE, 8-part class is a companion to the

7-Themes of the Soul Introduction Videos.  

Each broadcast is aver 90 minutes long and offers further explanation, support and exercises that help you and your soul grow,.

Tune in to address your resistance to identifying and resolving the themes of your soul so you can heal and create the life you deserve. 

-Follow each broadcast in this series as I sequentially present  the 7 Themes of Your Soul.

-Be guided through meditations and led in the tapping sequences that will help you retrieve your wounded ones from childhood who hold your abandonment, fear, betrayal, shame, regret, and guilt. 

-Learn how to follow the energetic blueprint back to the fragments of your soul who are suspended in time waiting for your return so they can be escorted back into the Light. 

For those of you who may have missed, or are now interested in, my 7-POINTS OF CONSCIOUSNESS or 7-THEMES OF THE SOUL material I am excited to say that the, complimentary, on-line class that I am conducted through my three, monthly Blog Talk Radio shows in 2013 is now not only available through the archives of the networks listed below, but is also being re-broadcast beginning April 1st, 2015 on Speak Up Talk Radio

It began on Wednesday, March 6th of 2013 when I launched this new on-line class with my EFT for Your Inner Child Blog Talk show on EFT Radio, but now, beginning April 1st, 2015, it is easily accessible, in one 90 minute broadcast. Just click here to listen! Speak Up Radio!


These classes were originally offered through my blog talk radio series in 2013. Each month I offered this rich model of healing – a model which invites you to, not only listen to your soul, but to actually partner with this highest essence of you, so you can begin to live the life successfully, effectively and addiction and pain free!

“I believe we each came here with a purpose which is embedded in an agreement between our Soul and our personality. Our task, as human beings, is to navigate in the physical world … to learn to listen to our soul … to partner with it, and to acquire the tools necessary and the methods needed to carry out that purpose.

I believe this task is multidimensional – meaning that this endeavor involves working with blueprints which cross the barriers of time and consciousness.  When we are willing to work in this manner we seize the opportunity to heal patterns and to neutralize energy blueprints that have haunted us from incarnation to incarnation.”

The time is now and all called to this class are ready!

I am so excited to share this material with you in a way which empowers you to do your own healing.

If you do find, however, that you need extra support, please call me directly at 612.710.7720 to schedule your FREE 15-minute Assessment

Below is access to each month’s lineup. 

  1. Introduction and Overview – theme for April,2015
  2. From Abandonment to Union – theme for May,2015
  3. From Betrayal to Trust – theme for June,2015
  4. From Shame and Guilt to Compassion and Self-love – theme for July,2015
  5. From Fear of Rejection, Banishment, and Procrastination to Acceptance,
    Communion and Ability to Produce – theme for August, 2012
  6. From Spiritual Self-consciousness to Spiritual Self Confidence and Success – theme for September, 2015
  7. From Rebellion to Reverence – theme for October, 2015
  8. From Mediocrity to Mastery – theme for November, 2015